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We are very aware of our environment. Issues such as the environment, health and building the future together are recurring topics within Frontwise Group. Wherever possible, we put our money where our mouth is and give concrete substance to sustainable issues. We do believe that you should always start with yourself because that’s where you have direct influence. In this way you can experience the positive effects directly yourself and that encourages us to continue with it.


We’re a genuine people company. Not just because we love people, but also because human well-being leads to better performance. We have an open working atmosphere with little hierarchy. As a result our employees have a great deal of influence on their own way of working and are able to organize optimally for themselves, within frameworks. We also literally ensure a healthy office climate by purifying our air, fresh fruit and spring water available in all departments. We consider the health of our employees very important anyway and therefore promote a healthy lifestyle across the board.

But that’s not all. We also strive for a healthy work-life balance with good fringe benefits that fit in well with the life phase of our employees. This includes flexible working hours, space for a home working day and excellent leave arrangements. We also attach great value to team spirit. Promoting this with clear rules of conduct in which everyone feels comfortable and good mutual communication is paramount.

Finally, it’s not all about work and that’s why we like to throw a party regularly.


Unlike a manufacturing company, our impact on the environment is limited, but Frontwise Group makes its contribution wherever it can. As an internationally operating organization, we are therefore very digitally orientated. We keep printing to an absolute minimum, we love video conference and we are a big fan of all digital communication tools. This enables us to work in an almost paperless office. Because of all this we are able to limit travelling to a minimum and we have no company cars.

“"Think ahead, be frontwise"”


Frontwise Group is a young and fit organization. We make responsible investments that we finance from our own resources. Besides profitability, we also genuinely enjoy being able to offer a stable working environment to our staff. That is why we focus on establishing a long-term relationship with both our employees and our customers.

Finally, our “being digital” has other advantages too, of course. It saves a lot of time, makes long distances easy to bridge and that in turn has a positive sustainable effect on our cost control.

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