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We set your organization for success. Our tech-savvy Smart Sourcing & Engagement team builds talent pools, sources candidates and engages the best talent. This all with a great experience rate both on the client side and the candidate side…

Search & Selection Optimisation

The labour market is totally overstreched. For search and selection companies this means that sourcing and engaging new candidates to the network is key for success. Our tech savvy recruitment team is trained in the most disruptive use of technology to be able to search among the planet. With our data driven way of working we will bring sourcing and engaging go to the next level. Recruitment with a Smart Tech Sourcing heard-beat.

We believe that being successful you only can do together. The entire chain in the process has to be optimal. We will be your extended workstation. We are working from a distance though it will feel as your own, close bye. Our team will come over to get to know you, understand your way of working and analyse and optimise the processes to ensure great collaboration. The tone of voice we use towards candidas and clients has to be tuned with your company identity. Together we will create success and serve your clients in the most optimal way.

“Your selection skills back into the limelight”

About us...

Frontwise Group is a recruitment delivery center working for high quality search and selection companies in Europe. We have high delivery standards and continuously innovate and improve our ‘Frontwise  Group way of working’. By working with our knowledge cells, we specialize our Frontwise Group People in various professional verticals.

We work for several Search & Selection companies in a variety of industries. We can take over parts of your searches, your reach-out process and the selection. It’s our goal ‘to keep ‘he ball rolling’, which leads to better hiring results.  

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