About us

“Unleashing growth with sourcing expertise”

Our Origin

Established in 2014, Frontwise Group enables sourcing-based recruitment for the market, empowering clients to take control of their candidate pipelines. Our belief is that the best tech-savvy recruiters, using proven selection methodology and disruptive technology, create an optimized experience with superior results.


Frontwise Group timeline

Founding of Frontwise Group in Skopje


Founded in Skopje, North Macedonia, offering sourcing-based recruitment services with tech-savvy recruiters and disruptive technology to the western European market.

20+ employees


As Frontwise Group's successes with clients continue to grow, so does the company with 20 employees. Moving to new offices marks the next phase of maturity for the company and its people.

1st time joining the Skopje Marathon event


In 2018, Frontwise Group recognized the importance of sustainable people and began promoting fitness and activity through participation in the Skopje Marathon, aligning personal and professional performance goals.

5 year anniversary party


Frontwise Group celebrates 5 years of top-notch service delivery with it's high-performing team, demonstrating that excellence in work can coexist with an enjoyable and engaging company culture.

Moving to current office in Cubus Building


Frontwise Group continues to grow in both quality and size, reflected in their new high-quality, dynamic, and transparent offices that align with the company's services and culture.

50! people employed!


In a significant growth milestone, Frontwise Group doubled its team size in the 2022, boasting 50 talented sourcing-based recruiters. The company invested heavily in raising the quality of its workforce to meet the demands of its growing clientele.

Company teambuilding trip to Greece


Frontwise Group is boosting morale with a three-day team trip to Greece for their eighth anniversary. The energy and enthusiasm of the team is contagious, and the company hopes to channel this energy towards delivering exceptional service to clients.

Sponsoring the Skopje Film Festival "Kinenova"


As part of its commitment to Skopje's cultural vitality, Frontwise Group partners with the Skopje Film Festival to enhance its cultural status and promote Skopje as a regional hub for film and creative arts.

Frontwise Group becomes part of The Scaling Network


Frontwise Group has joined the Scaling Network, a recruitment holding company that is disrupting the market with innovative initiatives in sourcing-based services.