Our Origin

We are convinced that pro-activeness, quality focus, creative sourcing and candidate engagement are the key starters for successful recruitment. In the current tight labour market, we saw the importance of this focus combined with the use of the latest recruitment technology increase over the last decade. That is why, in November 2014 we started Frontwise Group with our disruptive and results-oriented recruitment approach with a sourcing heartbeat. Our growth into a sustainable organization with over 45 innovative colleagues shows that our vision of effective recruitment sercvices is the right one.

Our Believes

At Frontwise Group, we believe in a proactive corporate culture in which continuous learning is the basis for providing our customers with a better service every day. We therefore believe in a flat structure in which people can work creatively, in a goal-oriented manner and in an inspiring environment. In our customer centric focus we design  solutions in an optimal way as a Frontwise Group custom-made suit.

Our team is tech-savvy in a disruptive but result driven way. Our engagement specialists will attract the targeted professionals based on data driven know-how and proven concepts. Sourcing is the heartbeat of modern recruitment approach, making sure the best possible candidates are added to the process, while realizing the possible hire in mind.

The future of recruitment

Recruitment is a profession in continuous development. Innovative use of data, artificial intelligence, tech applications and globalization lead to a different way of working in recruitment.  In this old field, ‘selection’ and ‘process management’ are still important, but the current tight market demands more specialist expertise instead of generalist knowledge. Being able to attract the right candidates at the start of the process will leads to dramatic improvements in recruitment results.

It’s not just our way of recruiting that is constantly changing but also the clients’ expectations around recruitment. It used to be a part of the Human Resources domain, while now it has become a profession of its own.

Smart sourcing methodologies and creative talent engagement make the difference. The use of data and technology are winning territory here. To be able to find the right person for the job, you must reach high quality suitable candidates to be able to select the best among them. The recruitment strategy to maximize your labor market reach out must be based on the latest available data.

What does this require from a recruiter….? Next to the social skills, which are still crucial, you have to be data and tech nerdy. You will use cutting-edge, fast chancing technology to find, engage and select professionals. ‘Smart Tech Sourcing’ will be the heartbeat of the recruitment of tomorrow.

We already started ‘yesterday’ with tomorrow’s recruitment!

“Where social meets nerdy”

Why working with Frontwise Group?

  • The broadest and deepest reach on the labour market for your vacancies
  • The enhancement of your own recruitment activities at fingertips
  • Enabling your recruitment department to be scalable
  • Taking controll of your external costs per hire
  • Optimize your candidate journey & experience
  • The fastest way to engage potential hires
  • Strengthen your employer brand

Our recruitment delivery center

We serve our clients with a highly skilled team of next generation recruitment consultants. All our staff holds at least one bachelor or master degree. Besides their professional know-how and industry knowledge they have been specifically

selected for their social skills. Although we are a technology and data driven company, we know that excellent communication skills and a personal approach are vital in engaging the best candidates in your recruitment process.


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