Structurally realizing more qualified hires befor you know it

‘How all elements contribute to an optimal recruitment flow’

To create ‘flow’ all elements have to be set in the most optimal way, taking the other element in consideration. This is what we do at Frontwise Group. Recruitment is a turbulent profession in a turbulent environment. Because of this we tune the elements continuously to create the optimal trim.

An optimal recruitment flow is only possible with the best people! When you look at ‘our people’ you will get an impression of our highly skilled team. We have a mixture of soft skills, client management, marketing and tech sourcing capabilities gathered in our group of professionals.

Recruitment is a business where soft skills are of high importance. Judgment, communication and interviewing skills will always be important in a good recruitment funnel.

The use of disruptive technology is constantly changing and will gather more and more impact. Our tech savvy Smart Sourcing Team uses a variety of applications and data tools to find and select the best candidate possible. Next to the Smart Sourcing we have to attract and seduce the talent. We have to understand ‘what makes them tick’. Our Talent Engagement team has a lot of knowledge about the differences in the tone of voice to get in touch with a high percentage of your longlist.

This all is only with a maximum focus on all details in the recruitment process. Our team will team up and work closely with the client, out of the name of the client. Together with the customer we will set all elements to create a pleasant flow with an optimal candidate experience.

“Exceptional growth becomes imminent”
Step 1

Market Research

The Recruitment Consultant will, first of all, approach your vacancy from a research perspective to create deep understanding about the job and her surroundings.

Step 2

Smart Tech Sourcing

The Smart Tech Sourcing team is capable finding the needle in the haystack. Our disruptive use of technology is allows you to go to a high quality shortlist in no-time.

Step 3

Engaging the best

To engage the best candidates we A/B test the talent engagement process to get better every day. You will recognize the tone of voice as your own and will will create optimal candidate experience.

Step 4

Hiring and follow-up

We reached our goal! We found the person for the job. To ensure Frontwise Group gives the candidates a great candidate journey we will evaluate the entire process!

Frontwise Group, better candidates delivered…!
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