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Improving the quality and quantity of potential hires from the outset of your recruitment process? Working with Frontwise Group means a dedicated Sourcing & Engagement Team, both data and technology driven, is at your fingertips…

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Business can often suffer while you look for a new permanent member of staff. When the decision is finally made, they are asked for the moon in order to solve all their teams’ needs at once. Taking in consideration that the labor market is already completely overstretched, recruitment often comes in a split and disappointment may be imminent for all stakeholders.

At Frontwise Group we believe in combining multiple sourcing technologies and highly skilled social sourcing engineers. The Smart Tech Sourcing® approach will provide you with more suitable candidates before you know it.

With Frontwise Group you can expand the quality and quantity of your recruitment capacity instantly. Depending on your needs, you can expand your department remotely with dedicated professionals from Frontwise Group.
Instead of falling behind, recruitment will exceed expectations of hiring management again. We make your recruitment team fly like never before and organizational growth is back on the horizon.

“"Finally get your recruitment needs up and running"”

Smart Tech Sourcing® (STS)

As a sourcing driven recruitment specialist we always have a keen eye for technology. Where technology can help us to increase our success rate, we will deploy it. You may consider topics like faster detection of the right candidate in the market, easier enrichment of candidate profiles or intensifying our candidate relationship. We do all this to serve our customers even better and to optimize the candidate experience during the recruitment journey.

In STS we combine the intelligence of our consultants with the use of:

  • Recruitment extensions for Google Chrome (so-called Chrome Addons)
  • Google X-ray Search
  • Boolean Search
  • Profile Enrichement Tools
  • Linekdin Recruiter Seat
  • Advanced Candidate CMS

This optimal mix of people & technology doesn’t come about automatically and needs to be maintained. That is why we follow the latest developments in the field of sourcing and recruitment technology on a daily basis and why we regularly test new tools.

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